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New Step for Registration
Due to all the spam reviews we have had to implement an extra step when registering a new account. You will be asked a simple question which all fans should know the answer to, the question and answer will be updated regularly. While this won't stop all the spam it should hopefully decrease the amount we get. If you have any problems registering please email us and we can assist you.

- Haylz on 04/02/17 01:08 am
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New skin, new poll!
Thanks for celebrating Halloween with us, we had lots of fun and all the stories posted can be found in the Halloween 2016 series. You can always find Halloween fics under the Halloween tag too! Did you have a favourite Halloween story?

There were some requests for the burnt skin to remain, so a slightly edited version has been added permanently, named burntblack, for those of you who want to continue using it.

New poll is up! I was going to ask about VIP packages but then all the options would have just been 'Die, Treehouse, die'.

- Haylz on 11/08/16 02:11 am
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